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  • You, the consignor, receive 50% of the selling price.

  • An $8.00 consignment fee will be deducted from your active account yearly.

  • Consignment period for clothing, accessories, and home décor is 90 days.  These items are reduced by 25% after 75 days.

  • Consignment period for furniture is 8 months.

  • You are responsible for coming in to claim your unsold items after their consignment period has expired.  

  • Please remember to retrieve your unsold items at the end of your consignment period. A 10 day grace period is given to reclaim your items, otherwise they may be donated or become the property of Our Blessings Consignment.


Payment Options

  • Payments are made upon request, anytime after two days from the selling date.

  • A $1.00 mailing fee will be deducted from all mailed check payments.  

  • Money may be kept on account and used as a credit toward your in-store purchase anytime.

  • For payments under $20: cash will be issued. For payments over $20: a check will be issued.


Furniture Pick Up and Delivery Is Available!

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